Eagle 2
Par 5
🔵 546
⚪️ 494
🟡 408
🔴 400

This rather long, uphill straightaway par 5 opens with a blind tee shot. Any chance for a long hitter to reach the green in two depends on the drive finding the fairway. Sand and thick grass bunkers lie to the right of the fairway, and if the drive lands here, a layup for the second shot will be forced, a shot that is made more difficult by the pond on the right. The 2nd's third shot is played into a plateau green with a false front, guarded by bunkers right and left. Once on the green, the putting surface is expansive and flat. Overall, it’s a comfortable par and a makable birdie. If the first hole presented a problem, this is a great opportunity to cancel the frustration.

Eagle Bend
Eagle 2