Bear 16
Par 3
🔵 211
⚪️ 184
🟡 146
🔴 106

The 16th is a long, hazardous downhill par 3 featuring a green protected by a front pot bunker and an expansive penalty area on the right. Players are wise to employ two strategies, depending on the hole location. If the hole is right, players should be very careful with club selection and yardage. Getting that first shot on dry turf, not necessarily the green, is the goal. A tricky up and down may be needed to save par, but that is far better than being drawn into the penalty area. If left, it’s still important to be careful with club selection, but overall, this scenario plays at least a half shot easier. Par on this hole is something to be celebrated. Birdies are rare. (If a ball does find its way to a watery grave, there’s a drop area approximately 100 yards from the green, where a bogey can hopefully be salvaged.)

Eagle Bend
Bear 16